Grace Street


I’m sweet and cold.   I come in various flavors. But I’m not ice cream. What am I?

Grace Street’s most popular dessert item is a hybrid of two famous desserts – the Korean shaved ice and the Taiwanese shaved snow. The hype on these frozen sweets made Yahoo Food publish an article on trying to distinguish the differences between them.

Grace Street’s Shaved Snow comes in various flavors. Customers are able to mix and match Shaved Snow flavors with a wide selection of toppings.  Toppings range from mochi to oreo to condensed milk to strawberries!  The portion size is perfect for sharing (but you could possibly finish it without sharing – been there, done that).

Grace Street also offers a wide range of other desserts and drinks.  They are renowned for their Ho-Dduk (Korean donut). You can pick between the original Ho-Dduk or the Ho-Dduk Icecream Sandwich. Their drinks selection ranges from Affogato to Vietnamese Ice Coffee to Americano to De-Caffeinated Peach Tea.

The atmosphere is perfect for socializing or studying.  Being situated in the center of Korean Town, the place is almost always fully packed.


17 W 32nd St New York, NY 10001



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